Purebred Working Australian Shepherd Breeding

Located in Georgia, Cowboy’s Australian Shepherds is in the business of breeding high quality, purebred Australian Shepherds. For the past 13 years, Cowboy’s has been breeding and selling first-rate pups, bred with sought-after qualities that make these puppies fantastic dogs. These dogs are intelligent, hard-working animals and are bred specifically for these qualities; whether you are looking for a working dog or simply a great companion, these dogs are perfect for any ranch or home.

At Cowboy’s, there are several dudettes that are currently used for breeding. Our dudettes are remarkable animals. All are exceptional working dogs, and each were chosen for their great qualities – namely for their intelligence, willingness and eagerness to work, and loving and sweet dispositions. As such, each of their litters also shares in these fantastic qualities; the puppies we have for sale are excellent, lively, and persevering dogs.

Our dudettes are lively and persevering for a reason: they don’t just sit around in pens. We spend time with them every day, socializing them in a variety of situations, including working them around horses, going on trail rides, and much more!

Our current dudettes residing at Cowboy’s Australian Shepherds are Jessie Belle, Anna Belle, Lilly Belle, Cheyenne, and Wyoming. All are beautiful, varying in their coloration, and all are excellent choices for breeding. Check out their photos; should you have any questions regarding them, please feel free to contact us.

Anna Belle