Understanding how the Australian Shepherd buying process works  FAQ’s:

  1. Call or email us immediately to express your interest in an Australian Shepherd from our next available litter.
  2. Once you have decided to purchase an Australian Shepherd please mail in a $200.00 non-refundable deposit make check out to Barry C Weaver mail to Barry C Weaver -392 burns rd -Gordon Ga. 31031- you will received a email as soon as we received your check and will given a pick number.
    • Note:Your pick of the new litter is determined by the order in which deposits are received.
  3. When the puppies are 3- 4 weeks old you will be notified that the puppy pictures are available for viewing and at this time breeder has option to pull any puppy from selling list but has to be done in 0-4 weeks time period.
    • Note: You must decide which puppy you would like at this time, and when have pick your pup ( 3-4 weeks old) you need mail in have of the remainder of price of pup.
  4. You will be notified when to pick  up your new puppy. You must pick up puppy within 5 days after you have been notified(email or phone) that your puppy has had it’s VET CHECK and ready for pick up. If you don’t pick up your puppy by this time you will be charged boarding fee of $15.00 per day.
      • Puppies receive their veterinary check, they are check for congenital defects,given  6 week shot Dhlpp, and check for internal parasites. . If parasites are found in fecal test (worms or coccidia) pups are treated or meds given to customer for treatment . 
      • Remainder of your purchase fees are due.     Tri-Color – $900.00(total price $1100.00 APROX PRICE, FINAL PRICE WILL BE SET WHEN YOU PICK YOUR PUP)   Merls – $1100.00(total price $1300.00 APROX PRICE, FINAL PRICE WILL BE SET WHEN YOU PICK YOUR PUP)
      • You receive your paperwork to file for your NSDR or ASDR registration.